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About Us
Zeiler-Pennock, Inc. has a 43-year history of service and design excellence.  Originally founded in 1964 as a consulting engineering company, Zeiler-Pennock, Inc. has grown into a full service architectural and engineering design firm.  Today we provide complete Architectural, Structural and Civil design services including: conceptual design and masterplanning, site planning and PUD processes, user programming, budgeting and cost control, project administration, design, space planning, interior design, construction document production and construction administration.

Zeiler-Pennock, Inc.'s strength is the ability to answer client needs, including budget, schedule and quality.  Each project, no matter the size or scope, benefits from the early, ongoing involvement of the firm's interdisciplinary staff.  The firm has a reputation for consistent, quality work that represents a wide range of project types, construction industry standards, innovative design concepts, and critical schedule and budget constraints.  We are able to address small scale remodel projects up to full-scale, long range planning with equal success. 

Our primary client base are repeat clients with a heavy emphasis on design/build projects.  Established clients include national, as well as local corporations including Whole Foods, Sandoz Pharmaceuticals, USL Pharmaceuticals, Comcast, Leprino Foods, Church Ranch Business Center, AAA Colorado, McDonald's Corporation, OEA, Inc. (Airbag Initiator Manufacturer), The Coca-Cola Company, Seattle Fish Company, G.E. Regional Offices, Jefferson County R1 Schools, and local general contractors.

Zeiler-Pennock, Inc. has been computerized since 1967 and has been providing construction documents  exclusively on CAD since 1983.  Our computer services began with a complete package of structural design analysis programs that were marketed both nationally and internationally.  Our CAD drawings give clients a lasting record that can be easily utilized for future projects and as a facility management tool.  Construction documents and presentation drawings are produced on the latest version of AutoCAD software.
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